Get Involved

While the CPCF Steering Group has a specific ongoing time commitment, there are plenty of ways to participate which don't take a lot of time or involvement.

Every Parent or Carer of a child or young person with SEND in Croydon is automatically part of our Forum, and we want to hear from as many people as possible in a variety of ways.

You can....

  • Share your experiences in regular surveys
  • Input into specific consultations
  • Provide feedback about specific services during consultations and inspections
  • Chat to us (and each other) on Facebook or WhatsApp, or join us at coffee mornings and other events which Steering Group members regularly attend (both personally and as CPCF reps)
  • Get in touch directly and let us know your experiences and challenges (NB as volunteers, we can't provide direct support with individual cases, but we can usually signpost to organisations and resources which can)
  • Find out about the CPCF steering group and consider volunteering your time and expertise
  • (coming soon: sign up to mailing list to find out about other ways to participate)