Webinar: how to Keep everyone in the family safe and happy

This webinar took place on Wednesday 2/12/2020

We hope you found it informative and helpful.

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This session offered attendees a chance to step back and look at family dynamics to examine what works well and what works less well.

During the two hours, this webinar looked at how to improve communication and relationships with everyone in the family, including siblings and co-parents as well as blended and extended family.

We also looked at some of the issues that can cause conflicts and how to minimise them, covering topics such as assumptions, blame and judgement from other adult family members and feelings of unfairness, resentments and rivalries between the children.

The whole two-hour webinar is designed to enable parents to feel more confident in being able to negotiate family issues more successfully, and is packed full of practical and doable strategies that you can implement straight away, including how to design a safety plan to keep everybody safe.

Yvonne Newbold sent through the following notes and links for everyone who joined the webinar

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Links discussed during the webinar

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